Dr. Oz Uses Red Palm Oil…Should You?

Red palm oil is being touted by some health gurus as a remedy for the effects of aging on the body. Dr. Oz calls it a "stop sign" for aging because of its deep orange-red color. However, most health care professionals look at these so-called magic bullets with a dose of skepticism. This document reviews the potential benefits and risks of using red palm oil. What Is Red Palm Oil? Red palm oil comes from the fruit of the oil palm tree. Palm kernel oil, which is different, comes from the seed of Read more [...]

Does Bee Pollen Work (And Is It Safe) for Weight Loss?

Bee pollen is getting a lot of attention as a treatment for weight loss. Advocates claim that it helps reduce weight by providing the nutrients to stimulant metabolism. But some bee pollen products, Classic Zi Xiu Tang and Ultimate Formula Bee … [Continue reading]

Do Vitamin E Supplements Work for Alzheimer’s Dementia?

Alzheimer's disease is a type of dementia. The disease causes a gradual, progressive decline in cognition (i.e. capacity to think) and behavior. Alzheimer's also causes death. That is, patients with severe Alzheimer's are unable to care for … [Continue reading]

Study: Over Time, Even a Little Too Much Tylenol Can Kill

Study: Over Time, Even a Little Too Much Tylenol Can Kill Discover magazine grossly exaggerates the harm associated with Tylenol. The patients in the study didn't overdose on "little too much" Tylenol. In fact, on average, the patients in the … [Continue reading]

Why Don’t You Know Your Risk of Osteoporosis-related Fractures?

What is osteoporosis? In short, osteoporosis is the slow and progressive loss of bone strength. Although everyone's bones lose strength with age, you're officially diagnosed with "osteoporosis" if your bone mineral density score (your "T score") is … [Continue reading]