What to Ask a Pharmacist by Maher Ishak (Pharmacist)

While pharmacists often seem to only fill prescriptions, they can provide an excellent additional service. Having completed pharmacy school and worked with a variety of clients, many pharmacists enjoy interacting with customers and answering queries about medications. The following list includes a few pertinent questions that patients may wish to ask such professionals.

1. Where should I store (or avoid storing) this prescription? Some medications need refrigeration, while others retain their strength when kept in cool, dark spaces.
2. What are the side effects of this medication? The pharmacist can tell you what symptoms are considered normal and which ones merit a call to your doctor.
3. What can I take to sleep better? Insomnia often troubles Americans. Pharmacists can provide counsel on medications, as well as habits and activities that can result in improved slumber.
4. How can I treat my acne? A common condition for adolescents, acne remains one of the top concerns of patients.
5. How do statins lower cholesterol? Doctors prescribe this medication category to an increasing number of individuals. Pharmacists can describe the mechanism of action and other details.

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